Megawide, 8990 Holdings, Inc. execs lead Urban Deca Cubao’s topping-off rite

L-R: Megawide Construction COO Frederick Tan, ECTA Principal Arch. Edward Co. Tan, Megawide Chairman & CEO Edgar Saavedra, 8990 Holdings, Inc. Chairman Mariano Martinez, 8990 Holdings, Inc. Chairman Emeretus Luis N. Yu Jr., 8990 Holdings, Inc. Construction & Eng’g Gen. Manager Michelle Sanidad, 8990 Holdings, Inc. COO Alexander Ace Sotto, 8990 Holdings, Inc. President & CEO Atty. Vincent Sotto, Megawide AVP for Operations Reynaldo Rodrin

Top executives of Megawide Construction Corporation (Megawide) and 8990 Holdings, Inc. graced the topping off of the Urban Deca Cubao project on January 3 which signaled a major milestone for the completion of the structure.

Topping off, or topping out, in construction, refers to “a builders’ rite traditionally held when the last beam, or its equivalent, is placed atop a structure during its construction,” according to Wikipedia.

The 47-storey Urban Deca Cubao is designed as a mixed-use development. As their most recent venture, the topping off of the structure also served as a testament to the almost decade-long partnership between Megawide and 8990 Holdings, Inc. 

Urban Deca Cubao augments the roster of successful undertakings between the two major construction players in the country in recent years. They include Urban Deca EDSA in 2017 and Urban Deca Mall & Residential Buildings-Manila in 2022. Currently underway is Urban Deca Ortigas, which will bring the four projects’ total area to almost 1 million square meters.

Incorporating innovation 

According to Frederick Tan, Chief Operating Officer for Construction, Urban Deca Cubao features Megawide’s innovative methodologies, as he explained that “for instance, our trademark precast technology enables processes that are safe for the environment, cost efficiencies, minimal personnel complement, and faster turnaround time than most conventional methods.”

“Since our initial engagement with 8990 Holdings, Megawide has been incorporating its unique engineering solutions to fulfill our clients’ exacting standards,” Tan confirmed. “For one, we employed precast in the interior and exterior walls, stairs and toilets. These are cast offsite, then installed on the project site for speedier delivery.” 

He also highlighted that “advanced formworks systems, rather than the conventional formworks, ensure a higher level of standardization in the structural process, and only requires less rectification of details for finishing touches.” 

Overcoming limitations

Tan shared that Urban Deca Cubao’s location and proximity to main thoroughfares created challenges during construction. However, these were ably addressed by Megawide’s experience and expertise by deploying its own construction equipment, logistics and services, which facilitated seamless project construction operations, like those of recent Urban Deca projects. 

“Our use of tower cranes, passenger hoists, high-capacity trucks and in-loaders for the transport of precast elements and other materials resolved these constraints, thus streamlining the overall operations,” he imparted. 

Tan affirmed that, as the company progressively elevates engineering standards in the country, it is keen on working with more developers in the near future, while offering low-cost housing that is within reach to a greater number of Filipinos. 

“The collaboration with 8990 Holdings effectively brings our vision of a First-World Philippines closer to reality,” he concluded.

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