Factory Outline
  • Office: 510m2
  • Main Factory: 15,000m2
  • 2nd Factory: 1,600m2
  • Warehouse: 1,580m2
  • Stockyard: 32,400m2
  • Concrete Laboratory: 50m2
  • Precast Plant Total Area: 100,000m2
  • Production Capacity: 72,000 m3/year (6,000 m3/month)
Precast Philippines (Thumbnail)

Considered to be the largest and most-advanced precast plant in the Philippines, Megawide’s Precast Plant in Taytay, Rizal utilizes high-quality Japanese and German technologies that enable the company to produce up to 168,000 cubic meter per year.

Megawide’s precast services include design and customization, production, delivery, and installation. By using precast materials, construction companies like Megawide can guarantee faster production time, lower long-term costs, and high-quality finishes. 

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Email Address: precast.sales@megawide.com.ph