Concrete Batching Plant

Megawide has mobile batching plants in large projects in Metro Manila and Cebu. Operations are supported by a fully-computerized and automated system.


  • Capable of producing 12,000 psi high-strength concrete, flowing concrete, waterproofing concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, lightweight concrete, and precast concrete.
  • Maximum of 1% margin of inaccuracy (current European standards are at 3%).
  • Utilizes German-made transit mixers and a chilled water system.

Benefits of a Dedicated Batching Plant

  • Accurate production consistency.
  • Total combined capacity of up to 250 cu.m. of cement per hour.
  • Integrated concrete laboratories ensure high-quality concrete.
  • Equipped with a concrete recycling facility for zero wastage.
  • Air filtration system for minimizing dust release in the area.
Concrete Batching Plant Philippines